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Welcome to Food Service at SDOL

Hello and welcome to the Food Service Department at the School District of Lancaster. We are so glad you stopped in since "Good Nutrition and Learning go hand in hand."

The staff members in our Food Service Team are a dedicated group of professionals who make your children's health, well-being and their ability to learn their number 1 priority. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition by serving nutritious meals, beverages and snacks.

All foods and beverages served in all of our schools meet state and federal requirements which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of different, fresh and appealing foods and beverages that meet the health and nutrition needs of our students.

All enrolled students in our school district, regardless of income level, are eligible to receive a healthy school breakfast and school lunch at no charge each day. Please refer to the "Community Eligibility Provision" link on the left side of this page.

Foods and beverages sold on an a la carte basis in our schools also meet all state and federal requirements.

For an in depth look for what WE do here in Food Service at the School District of Lancaster for all of our schools please click on the link below:

Dept. Presentation 2018 - Website. pdf

The Food Service Team at the School District of Lancaster participates in the following food programs which are offered at no cost to all district students regardless of their family's income each day the school is in session.

Federal and State Regulations can be found under this link:

PDE721 - Meal Pattern Chart- 5 day Revised July 2018.pdf

Information about the Healthy Hunger Act from 2012 can be found under this link:

2012-1010 Healthy Hunger Act.pdf


School Breakfast Program (SBP)

The School Breakfast Program operates in the same manner as the National School Lunch Program. School districts and independent schools that choose to take part in the breakfast program receive cash subsidies from the USDA for each meal they serve. In return, they must serve breakfast that meet Federal requirements.


National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

School districts and independent schools that choose to take part in the lunch program get cash subsidies and donated commodities from the USDA for each meal they serve. In return, they must serve lunches that meet Federal requirements.


After School Snacks

School food authorities can also be reimbursed for snacks served to children through age 18, when they provide afterschool educational or enrichment programs.


No other Income other than the state and federal reimbursements supports the Food Service Department. We are strictly relying on those reimbursements to provide all Nutritious foods and beverages free of charge to your children.


School District of Lancaster Food Service Documents:

SDOL Provider Letter.pdf

SDOL Food Service Procurement Procedures.pdf

SDOL Procurement Code of Conduct.pdf


For questions regarding this program, refer to the contact page for contact information.